Over 10 years of electrical leasing

Over the past decade, MisterGreen has taken important steps to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. Get on board and we'll take you on our journey!

2008 to 2010: What do we start with?

We know what we want: Get everyone to switch to electric vehicles. Because the consequences for people and the environment must be reduced. Ambitious? Naturally. At the beginning of this century, fully electric vehicles left a lot to be desired. The first models reached a top speed of 80 km / h and the battery had to be recharged after about 80 kilometers. That wasn't convincing.

MisterGreen started renting out electric scooters. This was followed by the import of small cars. Vehicles as small as golf carts, from the Norwegian brand Th!nk and the Italian brand Tazzari. We have rented these to KLM, Loyens & Loeff, Delta Lloyd and other companies that are committed to sustainability. We were also significantly involved in the development of the first charging stations in the Netherlands and in car sharing concepts such as Car2Go. We have gradually developed into experts.

2011 to 2015: It is slowly looking good!

All of the well-known automobile manufacturers have now launched their first electric car. The Nissan Leaf comes on the market, the first real electric car with a range that is sufficient for a city trip. The Tesla Model S followed in 2013, followed by the Tesla Model X two years later. The electric car is slowly becoming an equal competitor to the gasoline engine. Luckily!

MisterGreen delivers these cars to the business customer market with enthusiasm. And with success, because we are expanding! Over 700 companies choose our leasing contracts, occasions and support our sustainable mission. We are constantly educating ourselves by visiting the Tesla factory in California every year and testing every new development in the market ourselves.

2016 to today: MisterGreen is here to stay!

There's a new Tesla: the Model 3, the first affordable car from top manager Elon Musk. We think it is time for a new approach. This is how our online platform came about. Our customers can use this to manage their affairs more easily. We are also crossing the border to make driving with electric drives easier in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Denmark.

We want to be more than a leasing company. That is why we are setting up a total of 18 fast charging stations in the Dutch Randstad. A kind of small gas station that is covered with solar panels. We would like to offer further innovative products via our new platform. This includes house batteries and charging infrastructure. We remain the most sustainable partner in the field of electric mobility.