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tesla model s


License plate
First registration date
6 de junio de 2018
Available now
Fiscal value
93.500 €
MileageMileage on last check, can differ somewhat from the current total.
94.845 km

Price indication

Full Operational Lease
Excluding VAT
Duration in months
10.000 km305450515550
15.000 km350495560590
20.000 km395540600635
25.000 km445585645680
30.000 km490630710745
35.000 km535710785820
40.000 km580785855880
45.000 km665870920935
50.000 km750945980990
55.000 km840100510401050
60.000 km925107010951105
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  • Exterior

    • 19" Silver Wheels
    • Sunroof
    • Solid Black
  • Interior

    • Dark Headliner
    • Black Textile Interior (Multi-Pattern Black)
    • Dark Ash Wood Decor
    • Multi-Pattern Black Seats
  • Features

    • Autopilot Firmware 2.0 Enhanced
    • Enhanced Autopilot
    • High Power Charger
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MisterGreen Electric Lease

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