Why you should buy a Tesla occasion

A study by the Technical University of Eindhoven shows that an electric car lasts much longer. The battery production process also emits much less CO2 than expected. The total CO2 emissions from the production process and total life span of an electric car is now less than half that of a petrol car. MisterGreen has believed in electric transport since 2008! Nice to read that 12 years later research shows that our expectations are correct.

CO-2 emissions

In the past it was often said that an electric car emits more CO2 than was officially stated. You also often heard that making the batteries emits a lot of CO2, making it less green than the average diesel car. But the research shows that even if the battery is not manufactured in a green way, the total emissions measured over the life of the car are still less than a fossil fuel car. The fact is that an electric motor requires about four times less energy than a petrol engine. The manufacturing process is also becoming greener and greener. Today, a Tesla Model 3 already emits an average of 65% less than a Mercedes C-Class.


Battery life has been questioned. A maximum of 150,000 kilometers was assumed after which the car was written off, in practice this is at least 250,000 kilometers. Many modern batteries lose up to 20% of their power after 500,000 kilometers. There are even studies claiming that two million kilometers can be achieved on one battery pack.

Save money; charge instead of fuel

Electric vehicles are more economical to use than petrol cars. We have assumed that the average driver drives about 20,000 km per year and spends about € 2,480 on gasoline per year. Electricity costs for your Model 3 for the same distance are about four times less. In the average five-year car ownership period, that means about € 9,500 in savings on gasoline.

The fossil fuel lobby is unfortunately still very powerful, because there is still a lot of money in the oil world. Earth, and humanity, will soon have to switch to electric transportation, because Mother Earth's resources are running out!